Gay Travel Guide to San Juan, Puerto Rico

I was reached out to by a cute resort Coqui Del Mar in San Juan, Puerto Rico. San Juan was a place I have always wanted to visit but the timing never worked out for me. Rob, the owner of Coqui Del Mar, was extremely persuasive and before I knew it I was on a plane! Below you will see all my recommendations on how to do San Juan right as an LGBTQ+ traveler.

Where to Stay?

It's no secret that Coqui Del Mar is the place I would recommend anyone to stay. It was cute, charming, and conveniently located for anyone looking to explore the island. Owners Rob & Vianney are more than welcoming and happy to assist you in helping plan excursions.

Car Rental

I decided to rent through Charlie Car Rental and the service was fast, easy, and convenient. They have a free shuttle from the airport and it was less than a 10 minute ride.

They have an array of cars from economy cars, jeeps, vans, and more. If you are looking to explore the island I suggest reaching out to Charlie's to rent a vehicle.


Here is my list of top 5 things you must do while visiting Puerto Rico!

1. Head to the EL Yunque Rainforest and for an even better experience hire a tour guide. We hired Gio who was able to tailor various hikes to fit our needs. He showed us rain falls, waterslides, and rope swings all relatively easy to get too. If you would like to contact Gio you can call or text him VIA whats app  - 787.634.8331


2. El Toro Verde - It is a 316 acres course filled with various ziplines fit for people of all ages. The one course we did in particular was called the Monster and it was over 1 mile long! I was terrified to go up the stairs but once I was hanging in the air it was the most incredible experience. I highly recommend taking a go pro on your helmet because the videos are amazing.

3.  Old San Juan / La Perla - Old San Juan had the most beautiful, old school colorful buildings. Great restaurants and cute local shops. You can get lost in the streets, get great photos, and eat/ drink your way through. 

4. My favorite bar we went to while we were there was Lover Bar. The owner Jhoni organizes the best drag show on the Island. Everything was very pink with glitter in the drinks. The best nights to go are Thursday or Friday. The crowd was very welcoming and I really can't talk more highly about this place.

1063 Ponce de León 00925 San Juan, Puerto Rico


5. Last but not least we rented a Yacht through Yacht's PR. Leo was extremely friendly and even took a few butt pictures for us. We spent 6 hours out at sea. The yacht had a full kitchen and you were allowed to bring anything you wanted on. Leo provided us with floats, noodles, and saw more than I'm sure he cared too. 

Contact Leo at:

I hope this gives you some insight on fun LGBTQ+ travel in Puerto Rico. I had an amazing time and am looking forward to going back.


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