One Magical Weekend - Disney Pride

Pictured Jeff Perla, Indar Smith, Tyler Hendricks


One Magical Weekend was everything I needed and more to kick off pride month. I was honored when they reached out to me, to host a pool party and attend for the weekend. My family and I made it to Disney every other year while I was growing up. I haven't been back in 7 years and yet when I arrived I immediately felt like a little kid again.

We stayed at the Sheraton Orlando Lake Buena Vista Resort which was conveniently located 5 minutes from the parks, Downtown Disney, and numerous restaurants right next door. The first day we got there was the Therapy Pool Party. I showed up with my one friend Indar and we left with new friends by 7PM for dinner. Everyone in Orlando was extremely welcoming and friendly. (A little different than NYC haha) Later that night we went to Typhoon Lagoon for Riptide which was hands down my favorite night of them all. I ran in to new and old friends and enjoyed the 52 acre fantasy water park. All of the water rides were open until 2 am with an open bar. Needless to say I had the time of my life. I even lost my wallet naturally which was returned to me the next morning with the money inside #Winning. After Riptide we attended Cadabra which was the after hours event setup at the Sheraton Resort which went until 8am. (I did not stay that late but the music was incredible) 

Pictured: Jeff Perla & Arielle Scarcella

Day 2: When I woke up I was greeted with room service and the sun shining in my eyes. I texted my new friends and we head to the Therapy pool party around 1PM. Naturally on Saturday in Orlando when it was 97 degrees, the pool was filled with people. I danced and swam till my purple hair dye came out of my head. (wasn't cute) Later that night was a party at House of Blues in Downtown Disney called Galaxy and it was Red Themed. Missed that memo on the invitation but everyone was shirtless anyway. Despite all the beautiful men I couldn't keep my eyes off the stage. From drag performances, dancers, the Dj's, and the lights I was entertained until the lights turned on at 2AM kicking us out. Luckily, Cadabra After hours was occurring back at the hotel from 2-8AM :).

The last day of events was my pool party, The Emoji Party hosted by The Travelin Bum. It was fun to meet fans and also soak in the sun one last time before heading back to NY. After an amazing weekend together everyone was very friendly with one another from security who was spraying us down with the hose to "older gays" and "younger gays" mingling which lets be honest doesn't happen often in our community. Later that night we headed to the WIG party which I attempted my best Ariana Grande pony tail. There were performances by Drag race star, Kameron Michaels and other local drag queens. Although after the party After hours still occurred but my body couldn't handle it at that point haha. 

My last day in Orlando I ventured to Universal Studios for my first time ever. As I mentioned my family was always big Disney goers so we never went there. Being slightly hungover and going on all the rides surprisingly gave me life. I invited my new friend Chris and we were there till close. My favorite part was Harry Potter world for many reasons, one of them being I was Harry Potter for 3 years in a row for Halloween growing up....

For anyone in the Orlando area or thinking of traveling during the first weekend of June, I would recommend attending One Magical Weekend. It was an experience I will never forget from the Parks to the pool parties I really did have a magical weekend. You can find a ticket link for all the events in 2020 here. 


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