You know what I miss? Gay cruising culture. I'm just barely old enough to remember a time before Grindr became the phenomenon that changed the gay sex scene. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad that our lives are liberated and that we can live out and proud today; but gone are the good 'ole days of prolonged eye contact in the bookstore or following a guy into the public restroom at an empty park. It was risky. It was an act of rebellion. It was fun!

The first time I had sex was with a guy I cannot name today. We met in a bathroom at a drug store. He came up behind me while I was washing my hands and started grabbing at me. (I had already given him plenty of eye signals.) We fooled around a little there, but we couldn't do all that we wanted to. Eventually, I followed him to a park in his neighborhood and we had sex in the back of his car. The sex wasn't good - I wasn't good at it yet. But it remains one of the hottest experiences of my sex life to this day. So, if you see me in a public place, instead of opening the app to find me, look me in the eye and lick your lips. I'll follow you anywhere you go. -@lostin_austin_

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