A month ago, I had one of the worst situations I've had in my life, someone broke my heart like never before. I saw in front of my eyes how I went from being the happiest person, full of life, engaged, to being someone miserable, vulnerable and with a lot of pain. I felt that everything was falling apart, that it was really the end. With the help and support of family and friends, I realized that it is not worth feeling this way for someone who played with you and never really valued you. After of 4 weeks from this chaos, I started taking therapy, meditation, and decided to come to Zipolite, a nudist beach in Oaxaca, Mexico, where I definitely felt that I had been reborn: I felt like a baby, free, naked, without worries on my shoulders. I learned from this experience and this trip that in the right place you will always know your value, it is not necessary to insist on staying in the place or with the wrong person, who truly appreciates your value is who truly deserves to have you. - @luisferdsanchez

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