My father is Jamaican and Scottish, and my mother is Filipino Mexican and Spanish, which makes me a unique mix. I’ve never been able only to check one box because I’ve never only been one thing. And I’ve accepted that. It's taken a while, especially when the only thing the world wants to do is give you a label, but I have. Because it shouldn’t matter. My ethnicity does not define who I am, just as my skin color doesn’t define who I am. And it is sad to see that we still live in a world where not everyone understands that. Where people have “preferences” based solely on their skin color. Where people hate on those living different lifestyles than them instead of accepting and loving. Where people say, I choose whatever ethnicity is convenient for me that day. So like what’s the point I’m trying to get across? That black is beautiful? That preferences are shit? That it’s hard to be a person of color and gay? Yeah. Happy #blackhistorymonth @micahjordann

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