Being kicked out at home from my dad was hard because I had to split up with my brother and leave him there with the person my dad was. Not having anyone to help me or support me all because of my sexuality at a young age was difficult. I was only 17 years old when I “left home” for being gay. I decided to move from Colombia to the US to pursue my dreams of being a hairstylist. I found myself in a difficult situation at 17. Moving to a different country, learning a whole new culture - Colombia is much different than the US.
I now have lived here for 10 years. I’ve learned that life changes and we grow and we learn and we teach. I’m proud of the hairstylist I am becoming. I opened my own studio, and now live in Santa Monica, CA. It has been hard and I’m still working on myself and my craft everyday. You can’t change the past or where you come from, but I am working on accepting my past so I can continue to move forward and have a better future. Nothing is impossible. - @polania1991

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