So my question is, does your “preference” prefer YOU? - Jonathan @stdior

I fit most stereotypes that make up a gay person in the 21st century, EXCELLING in the arts, avoiding anything that made me sweat, and LIVING for fashion. I always like to state that I was a musician by genes and a model by choice. As I’ve grown older I’ve found myself diminishing from the vivacious and outgoing personality I once was. While in High School I truly believed I would’ve been able to take being gay to be grave, but it slowly ate away at my core. I NEVER liked the term “Coming Out” unless singing the Diana Ross hit single, so I referred to it as letting people in. I want to encourage and lift up everyone who thinks it’s not ok to be true to themselves and to live their truth. I have the stereotypical background story as well as growing up in a highly religious household hat didn’t necessarily lend an open mind and heart to those “struggling” with homosexuality. I’ve been blessed to have a mom that has since come around to further express her unconditional love for me and family members who identify as apart of the LGBT community. So in telling my story I leave you with this, Live your Truth, the maker of the universe LOVES you AS YOU, Don’t be Discouraged about current situations it really does get better, and don’t be racist. I say the last part because the LGBT community PRIDES itself in being “all inclusive” when most of its inhabitants write boldly on profiles, “NO FATS, NO FEMS, DISCRETE, NO BLACKS” then recant it by saying, “it’s only a preference.” So my question is, does your “preference” prefer YOU?


  • qhjsmtphed

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • Dcg

    He threatens other people. He has threatened me through my boyfriend, when I warned my boyfriend about him. He is not a very good person.

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