How I learned to be the main character in my own story. Growing up in small country and even smaller town with lots of homophobic people around me I knew I had to go somewhere where I can find out who I truly am. Right after college graduation I went abroad on a cruise ship as cleaner, swiping the floors with my master degree because that was the fastest way to leave the closet I was living in and it was the only thing I was thinking about. And let me tell you, it was like a brain switch. I was suddenly part of community and company that has more than 50 different nationalities working and living together, sharing their experiences, stories, goals, getting to know each other, creating lasting memories around the globe. Now 5 years later not only that I am an officer within finance, administration and guest relations department who is traveling the world and getting paid for it but most important I AM NOW ME, MY OWN SELF, confident like never before, happy unlike my people from back home. Have you ever felt like you needed to move away from home to discover who you truly are? - 


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