We first met in a what's app group..

On July of 2014 we first met in a what's app group. At the same time I was introduced to this group by a friend, Thiago called me on a private chat to talk directly with me. At this time, I was living in Sao Paulo and Thiago in Rio de Janeiro. Our conversation took almost 12 hours, what made Thiago buy a flight to Sao Paulo to stay with me. The moment that he arrived and I finally could see and touch him was fascinating on that morning of July 26. Since this first moment together, our life's Changed... I asked his mother a permission to date him... we made our first international travel  to Ireland, and then, Thiago moved to Sao Paulo to live with me. Thiago always was a guy say to me: love, I'm here with you, no matter what happens, I'm here with you. Then, when he asked to marry me, I obviously said yes. It was in a night club, in front of our friends that now are our best men. Our wedding party was all in blue and white, one of the reasons that we are here in Greece having this amazing vacation. Our families were in our wedding party blessing our ceremony. Thank God our family support us and we have a peaceful relationship.

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