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Life Lesson

Everyone has a first, great love. And you were mine. I came out to my friends and family because of you and the love I had for you. After 3.5 years, I really thought we were going to take on the world together. I can't figure out if finding out you've had a girlfriend behind my back for the past 4 months is more shocking or hurtful. I've been busting my ass lately to do everything I can to help you get a job and plan our next step of moving in together. Now you're hiding behind bisexuality as an excuse to lead two people on for your own convenience. At the end of the day, you're not happy or...

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Q & A

Our question comes from @ianblake "What was going through your head and inspired you the first time you did this type of photo in a public setting?" The very first time I took a naked picture in public I was in college with my friend @shanti_stephanie and there were hundreds of tourists around us at Niagara Falls. The mere adrenaline rush I received from the experience inspired me to not only create an account that involved something I enjoy, but rather developing a platform for people to share their stories. These amazing stories remind me every day of the type of support I wish I had years ago.

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Meet The Travelin' Bum

The hardest part about coming out wasn't that I was nervous what my friends and family would think, but what I thought about myself. We create these perceptions of who we should be which can mask who we actually are. I created this blog to celebrate the trials and tribulations humans go through in life. As soon as you can accept who you are and put yourself out there the feeling is amazing! Continue to DM us your photos and stories!

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