Who Am I?

Have you ever gone skinny dipping and felt that rush of excitement? That feeling of stepping out of the norm and participating in something that is so unbelievably freeing that for once you are living in the “present”? Well, instead of jumping into a pool with a bunch of strangers, members of the LGBT can take that rush of excitement one step further and express their freedom all over the world with, The Travelin Bum.

The Travelin Bum was created by a 27 year old, Jeff Perla who was deeply struggled with his sexuality. He wanted to spin the typically stressful process of coming out into one that is therapeutic and inspiring — one that celebrates the human body and the vulnerability of being naked. Now, he hopes his personal story will resonate with others and encourage them to share their coming out stories and experiences (along with their beautiful booties) to prove it’s possible to be free and to be happy.